Editing a Care Pathway (Workflow) using the aTouchAway App

This guide shows how to use the aTouchAway App to edit a Care Pathway (Workflow).

A Care Pathway (Workflow) can also be edited using the aTouchAway Dashboards.  For instructions on how to do this, go to Editing a Care Pathway (Workflow) using the aTouchAway Dashboards.

On your aTouchAway app, find the patient under Your Managed Users.

Click Workflow.

Under Ongoing Workflow, find the Care Pathway (Workflow) that you want to edit.  Click View to the right of the workflow's name.

Click Edit in the top right corner.

Edit the information as needed.

Click Save at the bottom of the page to update the workflow.  

If the Care Pathway (Workflow) was launched in demo mode, demo mode cannot be disabled by editing the Care Pathway.  You must stop the workflow and create a new workflow, as needed.  See the following articles for instructions on stopping a workflow: