How to register using an invitation link


Your healthcare provider may share a registration link with you via email when introducing you to the program you will be enrolled in. The link will look like the example below. If you did not receive a registration link yet, please do not follow the instructions below and contact your healthcare provider


  1. Click on the link, and complete your registration by entering your email address, creating a password following the rules above and enter your name
  2. Check the box to agree to the Aetonix License Agreement, and click Submit 
    BYOD registration
  3. You will be presented with a confirmation screen which will display the email you registered with. You may proceed to download the aTouchAway app by clicking on the button to download the app on your preferred device. You may also open your App Store and search for Aetonix

    BYOD download options
  4. While the app is being installed, go to your email and click on the link you received to verify your account

  5. Once the aTouchAway app is installed, open it and select your region. Click OK in the welcome message

  6. In the log in screen, click Sign in to aTouchAway, then input your email address and the password you created in step 2 

    BYOD login option post reg

    BYOD sign in
  7. You will be logged in. You may see another welcome screen upon logging in if your healthcare provider set it up for your program.