Release Notes 02/25/2021

Contains new features, bug fixes and app enhancements.

New Features

  1. You can now export the content of the Notes via the Health Overview section in the dashboard!
  2. You can now sign on forms with our new signature feature!
  3. Finish button for workflow has been replaced with Stop button and with a confirmation before ending the workflow

Enhancement/Bug fixes

  1. Fixed - black screen during video calls
  2. Fixed - missing blood oxygen questions missing on mobile devices
  3. Fixed - abnormal display of pulse oximeter reading on manager account for iOS devices
  4. Fixed - missing extra space in My Health/Resources section on iOS devices for system status bar in the header
  5. Fixed - pagination issue in the notes section of the app that limits viewing to 16 notes; You can now view all notes
  6. Fixed - random disconnection of weight scale that makes sync process fail repeatedly
  7. Confirmation added to workflow edit
  8. Note title localization for user overview page on the dashboard
  9. Renewed Apple push notification certificate