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aTouchAway Account Settings (Managers)

Clinicians can control their app settings in the Account Menu.

From the top section of the app, click Account Menu.  


Any settings that are changed need to be saved within that section of the settings before moving on.  Click Save in each section where settings have been updated.  


The logout button is found at the top right corner of the app.  


You may upload a photo of yourself.  This personal touch allows patients to recognize you.  Tap the camera icon to select a photo. 



Online/Offline Status

You can choose to appear offline or online when logged in to the app. You will appear Offline when you're not logged in.  

You can set your Online/Offline status to change automatically based on your schedule.  To create a schedule, click Edit Status Schedule.  Click on the + to add a new schedule.  

An Auto-Reply message can be added for use when you are offline.  

Application Language

Changing the Application Language settings will change the in-app messaging but may not change the language in the workflow documentation unless it has been specifically translated into another language.  

Audio Settings

  • Banner Sound is the sound that will play when a notification comes up on your screen.  This sound will alert you to a message or instruction from your care team.  You can modify this sound by choosing your own ringtone.  
  • Media Settings need to be configured for your device.  Each device may present different options to choose from.  These settings will be used for video and audio communication within the care team.  If they are not correct, you may not be able to hear your contacts during calls.  

Bluetooth Settings

Any connected Bluetooth Devices will appear here.  For more information on how to add paired Bluetooth devices to your app, please see Pairing Bluetooth Devices.

Personal Information

This information was gathered when you created your account.  It can be updated and edited at any time to ensure accuracy.  

Unit of Measure

Metric or Imperial measurements are selected within your Personal Information settings.  This setting controls the units as they are displayed in your app.  Your patients can choose to view the data they enter in their own preferred unit.  This will not affect how the data is viewed in your app.  

Default Contact Settings

In this section, you can disable voice calling, video calling, and messaging.  The choices made here affect how you will communicate with others through the app.

Email / Privacy

Your email and password information can be edited in this section.  

You can also adjust some very important privacy settings.

Visibility: You need to be visible in contact searches so that your organization can find you to connect you as a manager.  If they cannot find you to assign patients, please check this setting.  

Auto Log Out: We recommend using this if you are sharing a device.  

Enable Two-Factor Authentication:  For added security on your account, you may choose to enable this feature.  You will be required to confirm your identity using a separate method of communication every time you log in to the app.  

Be sure to click Save in each section you've edited before returning to the main page in the app.  To return, scroll to the top of the page and click Back in the top left corner.