aTouchAway Tour - My Managed Patients

When using the app as a patient manager, managed patients will appear in the Your Managed Patients section towards the bottom of the home page.

When you are assigned as a Manager to a patient or group of patients, these patients will appear in the Your Managed Patients section of the home page.  Scroll down to the darker green section of the home page to see this list.

This section may appear as follows if you are managing patients directly (see Patient Groups vs Direct Patient Managers to understand the different types of manager setups).

Managed Users aTouchAway

If you manage more than one group of patients, you will see a dropdown menu with a list of all your Patient Groups. Select the Patient Group you would like to see.  Any patients that you manage that are not part of a Patient Group will appear in the Uncategorized section.

Click a patient's name to view the patient's page in the app.

The patient's page in the app contains communication tools, health data, permissions, settings, and other tools.  See The Patient Page in the aTouchAway app for more details.