Request Kit Instructions and Kit Model Names

A step-by-step instruction guide for requesting a kit.

To request a kit for a consented patient, go to the Dashboards.  Under User Management, click Patients.

Once a patient has a Patient State of Consented, a kit can be requested.

Find the patient's name on the page.  Use the search bar to search by patient name, patient number, or health card number.  The list can also be filtered by Patient State, Patient Group, Kit State, or Health Status.

Once you have found the patient's name, click on the 3-dot menu to the right of the patient's name. On the menu that opens, click Request Kit.

A window will open with a list of the kits that are available for your organization.

When looking at the list, pay attention to:

  • the kit components
  • the size of the blood pressure cuff

The L, M, S at the end of the kit style number refer to Large, Medium and Small blood pressure cuff sizes.

Large cuff size: 12.2"-17.7" / 31-45 cm

Medium cuff size (wide range cuff size): 8.6"-16.5" / 22-42 cm 

Small cuff size: 6.3"-9.4" / 16-24 cm

After choosing the appropriate kit model, scroll down the window and complete the remaining sections.

  • Request by Date: If you would like to delay the arrival of the kit, choose a date that reflects the preferred arrival date.  For example, if a patient is currently in hospital or on vacation, you may choose to order the kit now and have it arrive at a later date.
  • Patient Information: This section will auto-complete based on information already entered.
  • Shipping Address: Provided an address was added previously for the patient, this section will auto-complete.
  • Notes: If there are any special instructions regarding the delivery of kit, please include the information here.

Once the form has been completed, click Submit.

You will be able to check the state of the requested kit on the Patients page under Kit State.