How do I create a new BYOD account for a user?

How to create a new user account for a user that will be using their own device using the aTouchAway app.

Please only follow the below procedure when your Aetonix representative shares it with you, which is usually intended for training purposes. Please do not follow the procedure for a real patient. If you have questions, please contact your Aetonix representative.  

To create a new patient account for a user who will use their own mobile device
  1. Open two browser instances - one in normal mode and the second one in incognito.
  2. Type in the normal mode browser and log in with your manager credentials. 
  3. Select the Creation & Token tab at the bottom of the page.  Select Create new user to start the process (see video for illustration).
  4. When done, use the token to sign in to the app on the incognito screen (see video for illustration).
For more information regarding the creation of a patient from a manager's application, please refer to the following article: Creating a New User Account and Access Key in the aTouchAway App