How to Check your Blood Pressure with the A&D BP Monitor

Step-by-step instructions to check your blood pressure using the A&D BP monitoring device connected to the aTouchAway app.

Your A&D BP monitoring device should have already been paired to your tablet by your healthcare provider.  These instructions will show you how to respond to the tablet when you receive instructions to check your blood pressure.

You have the option to manually enter your blood pressure results or to have the app read the results directly from your device.  We recommend reading directly from the device.  

Select BP reading type Read from Device

Once you've selected Read from device, touch the Done button.  Follow the instructions on the screen and the directions on the cuff to get a correct BP reading.  

Prepare to read from device BP

Sit down and attach the cuff to your upper arm.

Place the cuff so that the tubing is on the inside of your arm and towards your hand.  There's a marker (white dot) on the cuff near the tubing that should be in line with the artery in your arm.  

Be sure that the cuff is snug.  Uncross your legs and rest your arm on the armrest of your chair or on a table or ledge.  Then press the Start button on your BP machine.  Once the machine has completed your BP reading, touch the Ok button on your tablet screen. 

BP cuff instructions

Your Blood Pressure reading should come up on the screen, as shown below.  It should match what is on your machine.  If you are satisfied with the reading, touch Done.  If you are not, touch where it says Here above the Done button.  This will restart the procedure.  

Read Vital Sign BP done

If the BP monitor does not connect to the tablet, you can choose to manually enter your reading on the initial screen.  Touch "Here" above the Done button, to return to the main screen.  Select Manual entry and enter your BP results as they appear on your BP machine.  


If you would like to print these instructions, click here to download the PDF.