How to Check your Oxygen Saturation with the Fora TNG SPO2 Monitor

Step-by-step instructions to check your SPO2 using the Fora TNG SPO2 monitor connected to the aTouchAway app.

Your Fora TNG SPO2 monitor should already have been paired to your tablet by your healthcare provider.  These instructions will show you how to respond to the tablet when you receive instructions to check your oxygen levels and pulse.  

Clicking Done will advance to the next step in the process.

Take O2 reading?

You will see the following screen pop up on your tablet.  We recommend choosing Read from device paired with Aetonix.  

SPO2 reading

Touch Read from device to continue.

Read Vital Sign Pulse Oximetry and HR

Put the SPO2 device on your finger.  Your fingertip should be in as far as possible, with your fingernail and the device screen facing up.  Keep your hand steady.  Resting it gently on a surface may be helpful.  Once the reading has appeared on the screen and is steady, touch the Ok button on the tablet screen.  Your pulse reading and oxygen levels may fluctuate slightly as you're taking your reading.  This is acceptable.  Do not remove the device from your finger until the tablet has finished reading from the device.

Prepare to read from device- SPO2

Once you've touched the Ok button, the tablet will connect to your device to capture the reading.

Scanning for device (generic)

Connected reading from device (generic)

The data will be uploaded to the next screen.  If the data presented doesn't look like what you were seeing on the device, you can touch Here on the screen to redo the reading.  You will go through this entire sequence again.  

If the data present looks correct, touch Done to complete the reading.

Reading Vital Signs SPO2 results

If you cannot connect the device to the tablet to complete this, touch Here on the last screen and start the process again but select Enter Reading Manually to enter the numbers you see on your SPO2 device.  

SPO2 reading

Would you like to print these instructions?  Download the PDF file here.  


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