How to Check your Weight using the A&D Scale

Step-by-step instructions to check your weight using the A&D scale connected to the aTouchAway app.

Your A&D scale should have already been paired to your tablet by your healthcare provider.  These instructions will show you how to respond to the tablet when you receive instructions to check your weight.  

Prior to taking your weight, you should make sure that the scale is on a hard surface.  It will read incorrectly if it is placed on a rug or carpet.  Also, ensure that you're wearing similar amounts of clothing every time you take your weight.

You will see this white box pop up on your screen.  Select Read from device by touching the circle next to it.  

Select Weight reading type

Then touch the Done button.

Weight read from device

Touch Read from device to continue.  

Read vital sign weight

The following instructions will appear on your screen.    
You do not need to do anything to turn the scale on.  Simply step onto the scale.  The scale will tell you to Step Off.  Then it will display your weight.

Touch the Ok button to continue.

Prepare to read from device- weight

The tablet will then connect to the scale.

Scanning for device (generic)Connected reading from device (generic)

Your weight will then be uploaded to the tablet.  If the weight is not accurate, you can start the process again by touching Here on the tablet screen.  

If the weight looks correct, touch Done to complete the reading.

Read Vital Sign - weight uploaded

If your scale does not connect to the tablet, touch Here on the last screen, and start the process again but select Manual entry to enter the numbers you see on your device.

Select Weight reading type

Would you like to print these instructions?  Click here to download the PDF