Release Notes 28/06/2022

Contains multiple bug fixes and app enhancements.

Bug Fixes

  1. Resource button for managers fails to open resources.
  2. Issues with entering manual vital sign readings.
  3. The workflow window isn't closed \(stopped\) after pressing the 'Done' button
  4. The content of the Pop-up window goes up when typing
  5. Unable to save Manual Entry in Health section as Manager
  6. UI issues affecting iOS and Android tablet users
  7. Changing user type removes management group
  8. The inability to edit the group threshold on the dashboards
  9. iOS messaging and desktop messaging issues.
  10. App is crashing when clicking on "load more" option in forms
  11. iOS password unmask functionality is not working
  12. Reading from device UI is not consistent
  13. "Save" and "Cancel" buttons are not visible for reminders in Tab
  14. Unable to play audio files or Audio files attached to the forms
  15. iOS Incoming Call won't ring \(no sound\)
  16. iOS UI Issues \(Mobile Patient\)
  17. Workflow dropdown UI is not consistent
  18. Android manager cant start a workflow
  19. Workflows missing content and UI is out of the window
  20. Android UI issues \(ATA users\)
  21. Android - Profile Picture Cropper crashing
  22. Reading from Device failed
  23. Workflow history load more options button missing
  24. Web - Signature input in form lot working
  25. android - re-login from simplified not showing whole content
  26. android - display pictures are not rendering
  27. android - unable to start a workflow for a patient
  28. Web - Multiline text box resizing as you type \(not on old rn\)
  29. Android/IOS - The date picker is very old and unmaintained
  30. Android - Image/Video picker not working
  31. Web - modals are not full-screen \(uses CardPage perhaps\)
  32. Web - outgoing call screen is not displayed on full screen
  33. Web -  home/organization navigation bar is not fixed to the bottom of the window
  34. Web - input box for messaging does not work properly
  35. Web - calling is completely broken
  36. Web - manual entry and read from device are broken
  37. Web - "workflow actions" does not show any data
  38. Web - simplified does not show any components
  39. Android - Problem with react-native-material-dropdown
  40. The loading overlay is not rendered according to window size
  41. Android - Can't progress past the login page on Android



  1. Add option to remove contacts when deactivating patients
  2. Health overview numbers change according to the filter
  3. Updated invitation/system emails to users
  4. Add access to externals IDs inside workflow reactions
  5. Ability to filter users by Management Group in Dashboards/App
  6. Request confirmation to call when tapping a contact photo