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Setting Up aTouchAway with Kit in Proxy Mode

Proxy mode allows clinicians to take patient vital signs using their own tablet or phone, rather than having the patient take their own vitals with their own tablet.


For this process to take place, the Bluetooth device(s) must be paired to the clinician's tablet or phone.


Bluetooth connections cannot be shared between multiple devices.  This means that a blood pressure monitor cannot be paired to two tablets or a phone and a tablet at the same time.  If you are looking to use a device that is currently paired with another tablet / phone, you must remove the Bluetooth connections from the old device before proceeding.  (See instructions here). 

Proxy Mode

This solution is for use cases where the patients are not provided with their own kits, so the care providers use their own mobile devices to take readings from the patients. To enable the care provider to do this, the vital signs devices or monitors need to be paired via Bluetooth to the care provider's mobile phone or tablet where the app is installed.

Adding devices to your Phone or Tablet

  1. On the Care Provider's app home page, click Account Menu near the top.
  2. Scroll down to Bluetooth settings.  Click Bluetooth Devices.
  3. Click + Add a new device.
  4. Select the device from the dropdown menu.
  5. Put the device in pairing mode. 
  6. Click Scan on the app.
  7. Select the device from the list resulting from the scan.
Here is a video overview of the process:

One-Time Pairing for A&D devices

All A&D devices need a one-time pairing just before taking the first reading. After the first reading, normally the user does not need to click on the pair button again.

This includes:
  1. A&D Weight Scale
  2. A&D Blood Pressure Monitor
After following the steps above, you may need to confirm the pairing for the listed devices.
  1. On the user's vitals page, click Read from device.
  2. A confirmation window may appear asking you to confirm the pairing request.  Click OK.
This video will show the process for the one-time pairing:
 Take vitals in proxy mode 
  1. Select the patient under Your Managed Users on the app.
  2. Go to the Health section.
  3. Select specific vitals to be monitored (e.g. Body Temperature).
  4. Check vitals using the device.
  5. Click on Read from device
  6. Select Ok
  7. Repeat as needed for additional vitals.
Watch here: