Starting a Workflow from the aTouchAway App

Workflows contain predetermined scheduled events for gathering data from your patients. If your organization is using a workflow, the workflow can be started from the Dashboards or from a manager's app.

To start or stop a Workflow, and to view Workflow data, you must be assigned as a manager for the patient.  For more information about assigning managers see Assigning Direct Patient Managers.


To start a workflow, select the patient from the Your Managed Users list to view this patient's overview.  Then select Workflow.  

Click on +Start a new Workflow.

aTouchAway Workflow start a workflow

Choose your Workflow from the drop-down menu.

Choose workflow dropdown aTouchAway

Fill in the Workflow details:

Workflow Label:  This label will appear on any screens that display in the patient's app.  This label is optional.

Workflow Actors:  Adding your Care Team members will give them access to the Workflow data in their app.  Alerts related to the Workflow will show up in their apps. 

  • Include one or more Patient Groups from the dropdown field to apply Patient Group managers and permissions.
  • Manager Actors (who are patient managers) will appear in the drop-down list.  Use this field to add specific managers as opposed to managers connected through the Patient Group settings.  If your actor is not on the list, be sure to add them as a manager.  

You can add additional Workflow Actors by clicking on the +Add button.  To remove an Actor who has already been added, click the X to the right of the dropdown menu field.

Demo Mode:  Putting the Workflow in demo mode allows you to preview what the patient will see in their app.  Demo mode shortens the day to a few minutes (details are shown on the screen when you set the mode).  Ensure that you turn demo mode off for actual patient monitoring.

Vitals Entry Mode:  Choose whether you want the patient to add their vitals through manual entry or by using a paired device.

Setting the time for questionnaires to appear:  Choose the time of day that Workflow specific questionnaires should appear on the patient's app.  These questionnaires will include predetermined questions and prompts to take Workflow specific vitals.


The remaining Workflow details will be unique to the Workflow you are using.  You may be asked to set thresholds, select the health data that you'd like to collect, or set other items pertinent to your patient's care.  

workflow details aTouchAway

Once you've entered all the details, click Save.  This will start the Workflow for this patient.  

SAVE workflow details aTouchAway

The Workflow will now appear on the patient's Workflow page under Ongoing Workflow.