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The Health Overview Dashboard

An overview of the data collected and how to view it in the Health Overview Dashboard

The Health Overview page allows you to view patient status, vital signs, compliance, and Pathway information.  

The Health Overview page will show all patients enrolled in your organization.  You can search for a specific patient using the search function or filter the view by all patients / your managed patients, patient status, or patient group.  

Patient Risk Status

The number of patients in each risk status is available at the top of this page, giving you a quick overview of your patients who need attention.  This updates instantly as patients answer questions and upload data to the app.  As you scroll through your patient list, you can easily see who has yellow or red flags on their statuses.  

Clicking the patient's name will open the Patient Overview page, giving you more detailed information about this particular patient.  For more details about the Patient Overview, see this section: The Patient Overview.

Compliancy Schedules

You can view how compliant your patients are with submitting information and interacting with the app, based on compliance schedules that you set in this area.  Schedules can vary from every day to every 4 weeks, or none at all.  The compliancy schedule will apply to all patients.  

If your patient is non-compliant, meaning that they are not interacting with the app to provide health information as expected, you will see an exclamation mark (!) next to their name.  Any vital sign that is non-compliant will show how many days since the last report.  

Export CSV

Data for all the patients on your Dashboard can be exported in CSV format. You can select which fields you would like to export. 


If Notes have been added for the patient, under the Notes column a preview of the note will appear with an information icon.

Click on the information icon to open a pop-up window with the Note. 

The Patient Overview

Click a patient's name to view their personal Dashboard - the Patient Overview.

The top of this overview will show you the patient's latest data entry and their condition risk level.  Each vital sign displayed includes the date and time the information was last updated in the patient's app.  

Scroll down the page to see more detailed data entries.  Select the Health tab to see a series of options.  The Daily view will show you the last entry of each day for each vital sign measured.

Select one of the vital signs from the list to see all measurements that have been submitted to the app by the patient.

To mark an entry as invalid or to add a note to a specific entry, click the specific reading.

A Record Notes pop-up window will open. 

Below the reading type and date, click the checkbox next to "Mark the record as invalid" to make the reading invalid. You can add comments or additional information in the bottom section of the window. Click Submit.

An invalid entry will be marked by a strikethrough and the coloured background reflecting high / low risk or normal will be removed.

The first image is the Patient Overview page with all readings recorded.  The second image is the Patient Overview page with 2 readings marked as "Invalid".

You can click on a reading that has had notes added or been marked invalid to reopen the Record Notes window.  In the window, you can add or modify any notes and / or remove the checkmark next to "Mark the record as invalid".  Click Submit to save any changes.

Report Exports

If a PDF or CSV is exported of the patient's readings, the readings marked as invalid will not appear on either type of file.

Pathway Data, Forms, Pathway History

If you are a direct patient manager, you will be able to view and edit Pathway Data, Forms and Pathways in this section.  This will only be visible to direct patient managers.  Managers in Patient Groups do not have access.  To find out more about how to set manager permissions see Assigning Direct Patient Managers

Pathway Data

Pathway Data is used as part of specific Care Pathways.  If your organization is using a Care Pathway that includes this section, you will see information used for trend analysis.  


On the Patient Overview page, click the Forms tab.  Click the dropdown list to filter the available forms and notes.

Click the checkbox to the left of each document to include it in the list.

The filtered list of documents will appear in reverse chronological order with the most recent appearing at the top of the list.  The header of each document will include the title, date, and name of editor.

For applicable documents, the icons for EditDelete, Lock and History will appear in the top right corner.  Users can Edit the document without leaving the Patient Overview page, Delete the document from the patient's record, Lock the document so no further changes can be made to the document, or view the History of the document.


Ongoing Pathways can be started, viewed, edited, or stopped on the Pathway tab.  Also, all Pathway history can be viewed here. Click the name of the Pathway you would like to view in the left-hand column.  To start a new Pathway, click on + Start a new pathway.


Notes can be created and viewed in the Notes tab.  

Patient Information

In the Patient Information section, you can see the patient's Health Info and Address Info.

Export PDF

This section will be covered in a different article.  See Patient Overview- Exporting data to PDF