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Can I see what my patient is seeing in their app?

Control Functionality allows you to impersonate your patients for app testing purposes.

This functionality needs to be activated by an Aetonix representative.

aTouchAway Patient Types

If you are a manager or administrator either trying to Control a patient account using the "Control" function in the aTouchAway app or by logging in to the aTouchAway app as your patient during testing, you will need to be aware of their Patient Type to ensure the app is accurately represented. 

There are three types of patient accounts in the AETONIX system:

  • aTouchAway / Simplified: This patient type is mostly for less tech-savvy patients or patients that require a full aTouchAway Kit with a tablet and monitoring devices. The patient sees a simplified interface on the tablet with limited app functionality. Clinical teams can control what the patients can do depending on their needs.
  • Mobile / Bring Your Own Device: This patient type is for patients that can use the app with full functionality and are generally comfortable using technology. 
  • Basic Remote Patient Monitoring: Exclusively used for basic patient monitoring in some Care Pathways.

Depending on the settings of your organization, the Patient Type may be preset when you are creating a patient account in aTouchAway. You can also manually choose a Patient Type when you are creating the account. 

If you try impersonating the patient account for testing purposes (logging in with a token), or when a shared device is accessing multiple patient accounts (ICU use cases), you need to ensure the Patient Type is correct before proceeding.

How to view the app as one of your patients

At the bottom of the app homepage, select the Creation & Token tab.  

On the Creation & Token page, find your patient in the list. You can use the text field to search by name or the dropdown list to filter by Patient Group.  Click the Control button to the right of the patient's name.

aTouchAway will display a warning that will let you verify the settings of the account you are about to control.  Click Proceed if the information is correct.

If when verifying the settings you see the wrong Patient Type, press Cancel.  You will need to switch the Patient Type to the correct one prior to continuing. 

Follow the instructions below to switch the Patient Type.


If the account is an aTouchAway / Simplified type, a black screen with the preconfigured access will be shown.

If this is not what you intended to see, you will need to log out and switch the Patient Type to the correct one. 

Follow the instructions below to switch the Patient Type.

To log out

Click on aTouchAway or the time button (top-right corner). 

Click the aTouchAway Setting button.

Click Logout & Return

On the login screen, enter your password.  Click Save.

To switch Patient Type

  1. Using your manager account, go to the list of the patients in the Creation & Token tab.
  2. Click the name of the patient; this opens the Edit Patient Info window.
  3. Under Patient Type, select the correct patient type in the dropdown menu.  Click Save

Now you can go back to the patient app and log in using a token or click on the Control button to proceed to control this account.