How to Start using aTouchAway on your iPhone or iPad

Get started with the aTouchAway app on your iPhone or iPad. These instructions are for users who are using the app on their own personal devices.

Download and Install the app

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Click to download and install the app on your iPhone or iPad.

Choose your Region

IOS choose region

Choose your region correctly.  This will ensure that your account is in the correct database to connect with your provider.  








Log in Options

Your care provider will give you specific instructions on how to log in and/or create your account.  Before proceeding, verify that you are choosing the correct instructions based on the details they have provided.  
Choose the option (1, 2 or 3) from below that matches the instructions given to you by your care provider.

IOS log in

1 - If you have been given an ACCOUNT KEY by your provider, select this option to create your account.


2 - Choose this option if you received an email inviting you to join the app that did not include an account key.  If you are unsure which account to create, check with your provider to get the proper instructions.  


3 - If you already have an account and are using an email address and password to sign in to the app, select this option.  



Signing up with an Account Key

Account key BYOD

Once you have entered your account key, you must finish setting up your account.  

Enter your Email Address

Create a Password - Please note the special conditions for password creation, most notably, that the only special characters that can be used are !@#$%^&

Accept the Aetonix License Agreement.

Accept the Aetonix Privacy Policy.


Scroll Down and select DONE




Verify your Email Address

verify email

You will receive an email from Aetonix in the account that is associated with your aTouchAway account.  Please visit the link provided, either by clicking on it or by copying it and pasting it into your browser.  

Until your email is verified, you will see a banner at the top of your app reminding you to complete this step. If you did not receive this email, please check the banner at the top of your app to ensure that your email address is correct and click the RESEND button.



General Information and Tips

  • If you see a popup window on the screen reminding you of an action, such as answering a question, select the appropriate answer and proceed with the required action.  Those actions could include measuring your vital signs. Be sure to click Done when you've completed the action.  You may need to scroll down to the end of the form until you reach this button.  
  • Your care provider may provide you with educational materials or resources.  The articles can be viewed in the Resources menu.  Click the BACK button to return to the previous page.
  • You may see an error message appear on-screen when your internet connection is lost.  It means your Wi-Fi connection is experiencing connectivity issues.  Try moving closer to your modem, or restart your modem and allow a few minutes to reconnect to the network. Once reconnected, the aTouchAway app should connect and become responsive.