Download and install the aTouchAway app

To get started with the aTouchAway app, you will need to download and install it on a compatible device or access the app from a Chrome browser on an internet-connected device.

Patient instructions

If you are a patient using aTouchAway, you should receive instructions and an invitation to download the app from your health care provider.  Wait until you have these instructions before creating your account and logging in.  You will either receive an email invitation or a token/account key/access code.  

Family or other care circle member instructions

To be able to connect your account to the patient's account, you will need to be invited into the care circle by the health care provider.  Please make sure that they have your correct email address.  Once you've received your email invitation, you can proceed to download and install the app.  Do not create your account or log in to the app until you have the invitation email.

Once you've downloaded the app and have logged in using the information provided, you should automatically be connected to your family member and care team.  If you do not see them in Your Contacts in your app, please contact the health care provider.  

Compatible Devices

aTouchAway is available for:

Windows 7 and newer

MacOS 10.0 and newer

iPhones and iPads with iOS 10.0 and newer

Android devices with Android 6 or newer

Any other device that has internet access and a Chrome browser (ex- Chromebook)

Download instructions:

How to start using aTouchAway on your computer

How to start using aTouchAway on an iPhone or iPad

How to start using aTouchAway on your Android phone or tablet

How to access the aTouchAway app from a computer browser