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How to add two aTouchAway accounts as contacts to each other

Managers can connect accounts as contacts so they can communicate with each other using the aTouchAway app.

The following instructions apply to managers who have access to two or more user accounts under the Your Managed Users section in aTouchAway.  The accounts can be aTouchAway/Simplified users or Mobile/Bring Your Own Device users.

Adding two or more accounts as contacts of each other

Make the Patient Visible in Contact Searches

1. Go to the Managed User's account.  Under Utilities, click Personal Information.
2. Scroll down and find the Visible / Hidden toggle.  Ensure the toggle is set to Visible. Click Save.

Send the contact request from one account to the other

1. On the Managed User's page, scroll down to Utilities and click Contacts.
2. Click +Invite a new contact.  Enter the contact's name / email address in the search bar.  Below the search bar, click on their name or +Send request.

Accept the contact request in the invited account on their behalf

1. On the request recipient's page, click Contacts under Utilities.

2. Click on Request Accepted.

Reset Search Visibility

After adding the accounts as mutual contacts, you can switch their visibility back to Hidden in the Utilities section by clicking Personal Information and changing the toggle.  Click Save

When the account invited is a Mobile/Bring Your Own Device user, the user can accept the request themselves from the Home page of aTouchAway.

If the account invited is Mobile/Bring Your Own Device, the user will receive email notification of the contact request at the email address associated with their account.