I registered an account in the aTouchAway app before receiving an invitation link. What do I do?

If you've registered in the app before receiving your registration link, your account will not show what it should be showing. You will need to log out of the app and follow the instructions below to redeem the code provided.

If you registered before receiving a registration link from your doctor or care team and the app does not show what you’re supposed to see, please follow the steps below: 

Before these steps, please close the aTouchAway app on your device if it's open. You don't need to log out.  

  1. Go to the registration link you received.
  2. Click on the "Already have an account? Redeem code here" link at the bottom of the registration page.
  3. Enter your account credentials, and click on Submit. You will see a confirmation under the Submit button. 
  4. Open the aTouchAway app and you will be added to the group you belong to. Any automatic actions for your group will be shown.

Note: The steps to follow next will be provided by your doctor or care team, please refer to the email you received from them.

This only applies to users on the Simplified interface.  If you cannot proceed due to a message stating "email already in use", please contact the support team.