Sending & Receiving Notes for Kit Management

Information can be shared between Patient Managers and Logistics regarding the aTouchAway Kit Management process.

When ordering a kit, a Patient Manager is able to add Notes to the request form.

This practice of sharing notes can continue as needed throughout the kit ordering process.  

Patient Managers will see a bell icon in the top banner of the Dashboards to signal that they have received at least one new Note.  The number of new Notes will show inside the red circle on the bell.  Click the bell icon to go to the Notifications page.

If a patient has multiple Patient Managers, all managers can see all Kit Notes, regardless of who sent the note.  

If a Note is sent from the group processing the Kit Request (Logistics), all Patient Managers will receive notification of the new Note.  If the patient is in multiple Patient Groups, all Patient Managers of the groups will receive notification of the new Note.  

On the Notifications page, the most recent Notes will appear at the top of the list.  Notes will include the following information:

  • sender's name
  • the name of the patient 
  • date and time the message was sent

Notes can be searched using the patient's full name or full name reverse (for example: John Smith or Smith John).  Also, the notes can be filtered using the Start Date and End Date options.  Press Clear to remove the search information and filter settings.

Notes that have not been acknowledged will be bolded.

To acknowledge a Note without opening the Note, click the checkbox to the left of the Note.

To acknowledge all Notes at the same time, click the dropdown arrow to the right of the checkmark at the top of the list and select Clear All History

To access a Note, click the link to the left of the note in the list.  The Patients page will open and the patient's Kit Notes window will open. 

To access Notes created prior to September 13, 2023, go to the Patients page.  Search for the patient using their name, patient number, or health card number, as needed.  Click on the 3-dot menu to the right of the patient's name.  On the menu, click Kit Notes to open the Notes chat box.

The number of unread Kit Notes will appear as a badge in the top right corner of the Kit Notes icon.

If no Kit has been requested, the Kit Notes option will not appear in the dropdown menu.

On the Notes pop-up window, previously posted Notes will appear in bubbles.  The name of the sender will appear above each bubble.  Also, the date and time of the note will appear below the bubble.  To add a new Note, type the message at the bottom of the window and click Add Note.

Notes that appear in the bubbles can be copied from the bubble and pasted elsewhere, as needed.  For example, URLs for tracking kits that are on-route may be put into a Note.  The URL can be highlighted then copied from the Note and pasted into a web browser to track the delivery date / time of the requested kit.

Notes that a Patient Manager might see:

  • After a Kit Request is made (if necessary), a note with tracking information for the shipped kit will be sent
    • the note will include a URL that can be copied and pasted into a web browser to track the kit shipment
    • if there is a problem with delivery, notes may be added looking for assistance from the Patient Manager(s)
  • When a patient is on-boarded, notes regarding phone calls / phone call attempts by On-boarding Specialists will be made
    • after the 3rd, 4th, and 6th call attempts, the On-boarding Specialist will create note(s) to let the Patient Manager(s) know that they have been unable to make contact with the patient
      • the On-boarding Specialist will reach out to the Patient Manager(s) to look for assistance in making contact with the patient
  • If during On-boarding, the Specialist needs to stop a Workflow (Care Pathway), a note will be created letting the Patient Manager(s) know and advising them that the Workflow needs to be re-started
    • Workflows should not be started until the Patient State has been changed to On-boarded by the On-boarding Specialist
  • After a Kit Retrieval request is made (if necessary), courier information for the pick-up will be sent

It is important to know that any Kit Management notes will be removed once the kit retrieval process completes, and the kit is unassigned from the patient being discharged.